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DRS6AX "X-Class", a whole new class of Radar


Pushing the boundaries of what is possible with conventional Radar technology, DRS6AX "X-Class" marks yet another leap forward for FURUNO. Improved in almost all aspects, DRS6AX "X-Class" Radar features improved short range detection, as well as an impressive long range detection of up to 72 nautical miles.

The newly redesigned pedestal unit is 20% lighter than previous DRS6A model and features an updated motor for significantly lower noise levels. Combined with an updated smart-connector cable, installation and maintenance is simpler than ever before.

Fast Target Tracking™ function adopted from our commercial Radar FAR3000, is also available on the DRS6AX "X-Class." Target course and speed vectors are displayed instantly with the press of a button. Target vectors increase situational awareness and can increase overall safety on your vessel.


Note: DRS6AX Radar requires the purchase of an Antenna Array. Click on Product options to select the Antenna Array.

    NavNet DRS6AX

    Antenna Options
      • 6kW Power Output
      • Enhanced target detection, both short and long range
      • Minimum detection range of just 20 m
      • Fast Target Tracking™
      • Bird Mode
      • New pedestal unit, 20% lighter than previous DRS6A unit, updated low noise motor
      • No PSU required, decreasing total costs
      • Easy installation without the need to open pedestal unit
      • New smart-connector cable
      • Choice of 3.5'/4'/6' Antenna
      • Compatible with NavNet TZtouch and NavNet TZtouch2 (not compatible with NavNet 3D or earlier NavNet models)
      • The DRS6AX is a 24V system; a converter will be required for use with 12V power systems