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The Furuno LH-3000 is a high-performance 30 watt loud hailer with an intercom function. The LH-3000 is designed for a wide variety of ships, requiring high quality onboard and ship-to-ship communications under almost all circumstances.

Solidly built and waterproof, the LH-3000 contains a high quality built-in speaker and a microphone. On its front panel, there are easy-to-see states indicators. By generating voice or eight internationally acknowledged warning signals from the horns, the LH-3000 notifies nearby vessels of your presence and status regardless of visibility conditions.

The LH-3000 can also function as an intercom, when connected to optional intercom speakers. Up to four intercoms can be connected for two-way communication between the bridge and one or all intercom stations.

The LH-3000 can be connected to various equipment to enable useful functions. When connected to an external alarm unit, the LH-3000 can function as a security alarm. An auxiliary audio input allows transmission of music or other external audio signals (from CD player, radio, etc.) to the intercom speakers and external horns.

Furuno LH3000 Hailer

    • 30 Watt Forward and Aft Station Hailer Output Ports (20 Watt Hardware Selectable)
    • LED indicators alert you to equipment status
    • Backlit keypad for nighttime operation
    • Smartly designed and intuitive front panel for ease of operation.
    • Built-in High Quality Speaker for Intercom and Hailer Listen capability
    • Alarm Siren Capability
    • External Speaker Output
    • Six Automatic International Hailer Warning Signals Consisting of:
      • UNWY - Vessel Underway in reduced visibility
      • SAIL - Vessel Under Sail in reduced visibility
      • TOW - Vessel Under Tow in reduced visibility
      • STOP - Stationary Vessel in reduced visibility
      • ANCH - Vessel at Anchor in reduced visibility
      • AGND- Vessel Aground in reduced Visibility
    • Manually Controlled "YELP" and "On/Off" Hailer Warning Signals
    • Four Remote Intercom Stations allow two-way communication between Master and Individual Remote stations or all remote stations simultaneously
    • Auxiliary audio input allows transmission of music or other external audio signals (from cassette player, CD player, radio, etc.) to the intercom speakers, external horns or both
    • Waterproof Frontal Area to IPX5 and USCG CFR-46 (Not waterproof from rear panel)
    • Cosmetic "Family-Look" to FM3000 and other Furuno Products
    • Removable screw terminal connectors on rear panel provide easy removal, installation, and system testing
    • Gimbal Base Mount is included; bezel allows flush mount with provided cut-out template