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Furano FR8005 Series 6kW, 12kW, or 25kW

State of the art signal processing and UHD™ digital radar technology


The 12.1” color radar FR8005 series features state of the art signal processing, which makes it easier to identify targets in heavy rain and poor visibility. The FR8005 radar can discern between rain and surface reflections, providing the ability to find and track the movement of rain clouds as well as removing unnecessary echoes. For tracking the movement of other vessels at sea, “True Motion Trails” can be displayed as well as AIS/TT target-tracking with a zoom display function. When the vessel is in motion, the radar echoes move smoothly on the main display thanks to the “True View Mode.”


Target-Tracking Zoom Display Function

Even during rainfalls or severe weather conditions, radar echoes are clearly displayed, and unnecessary echoes can be removed instantly with ease. Compared with current radars (FR8002 series) the technology for removing sea, rain and snow clutter has been greatly enhanced utilizing FURUNO’s state of the art knowledge in digital signal processing. When using the Target mode, vessels close by and vessels on intersecting courses are automatically displayed zoomed in. These targets will remain displayed for as long as they pose any concern. Target Trails are also displayed, making it easy for the user to determine the movements of individual vessels.


True Trail Mode

When using the True Trail Mode, moving objects will show up on the main screen with a colorful trail. These trails make it possible to see the movement of nearby vessels in the blink of an eye.


True View Mode

The radar echoes move smoothly on the main display thanks to the “True View Mode”. The True View Mode is based on the head-up mode. During the radar sweep, the echoes move according to the heading of your ship. Since the echoes move in real-time, the discrepancy between an observed target and what is displayed on the radar screen is greatly reduced.


Full-Screen Mode and Off-Center Mode

Make use of the whole display surface with the Full-Screen mode, giving you more information when making important decisions. When combining Full-Screen mode with Off-Center mode any target or point of interest can be observed in detail. The overlay information can be turned off, to observe targets obstructed by the text as well as providing an unobstructed radar view.


Target Tracking and AIS Display

The Target Tracking (TT) feature continously tracks and provides positional information for up to ten targets. An AIS device-equipped FR8005 series radar can track target heading, name, speed and direction of movement. With AIS it is possible to identify and track the movement of other vessels in heavy fog, during nighttime and otherwise difficult conditions. Another benefit is that with AIS you can identify obscured targets that the radar signals cannot reach, giving you more time to act. AIS can display up to 100 targets simultaneously, TT can display up to 10 different targets simultaneously.


Note: FR8005 Series Radar require the purchase of an Antenna Array. Click on Product options to select the Antenna Array.

Furuno FR8005 Series Radar

Open Array Antenna
    • 12.1" SVGA color LCD with echo colors of 32 levels
    • Wide viewing angle LCD for great visibility from any direction
    • 72nm (FR8065 & FR8125) and 96nm (FR8255) range
    • One-touch auto-adjust settings for Gain/Sea clutter/Rain clutter
    • Optional 48 rpm high-speed antenna rotation displays information clearly in narrow passages and on high-speed vessels
    • Superior short range target detection capability
    • Advanced auto modes to automatically adjust gain, tuning and AC rain/sea for delivering the best available pictures
    • True motion echo trail
    • Display Modes: Head-up, Course-up, North-up, True View, True Trail
    • Up to three programmable radar settings can be selected to give the best radar performance in different sea conditions
    • Furuno XN12A/4 is the 4’ open array with a 1.85 degree beam. Compatible with FR8005 Series
    • Furuno XN13A/6 is the 6’ open array with a 1.4 degree beam. Compatible with FR8005 Series